Go-FuckYourSelf An Operating System by Cat-v.org Trolling Inc.

GoFuckYourSelf (GoFY for short), is a new operating system built using the Go programming language.


To have lots of fun, and to piss off lots of people.

Design Philosophy

Pick always the simplest and easiest solution.

When in doubt, always use brute force, and when not in doubt, use brute force too.

Nothing should be ‘designed’, everything should grow organically, sit down and hack.

Target platforms: x86-64 only.


Source Code

Once code starts to flow, you can browse the source in Mercurial repository: http://code.google.com/p/gofy/source/browse/

Or checkout the code directly: hg clone https://gofy.googlecode.com/hg/ gofy


Other bits and ends:

Road Map



Piss Midget the Englishman and Larry the Pirate. Both have definitely nuts!


The founders of this project are:

Thanks to everyone else that is helping out, will try to acknowledge everyone once things settle down a bit.


GFL (Get Fucking Lost), ie., Public Domain.